1 Month Mission

1 Month Mission

4 Episodes

It's October, and it's time to get it together in 1 Month Mission! PROGRAM BEGINS 10.07.19.

New bootcamp workouts will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday, and new camp Huddles will go live on Saturdays!

-Coach Lacey

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1 Month Mission
  • Huddle | Welcome to 1 Month Mission

    Episode 1

    Welcome to 1 Month Mission! Here's everything you need to know....

    Your first team e-mail will be going out today, 02.04! Make sure to be on the lookout. :) If you missed it, make sure to read it here: XXXX

    Some of your teammates participated in 1 Month Mission last fall! Join them in the c...

  • 1 Month Mission | October 2019 | WORKOUT 1

    Episode 2

    It's your first day of our October 2019 1 Month Mission!

    - 2 HIIT bootcamps/week
    - 3-4 days of body-part workouts and/or cardio per week
    - 1-2 rest days/week
    - Weekly Huddles
    - Clean eating

    Did you read your monthly team e-mail? This e-mail tells you everything you ne...

  • 1 Month Mission | WORKOUT 2

    Episode 3

    Welcome back to workout 2 of your first Lacey Stone Fitness challenge, 1 Month Mission!

    Today is your second bootcamp workout with me and you don't need a ton of equipment!


    Bench or High Step
    Workout Mat
    Water Bottle

    Did you read your first team e-mail? T...

  • Huddle | How to Eat

    Episode 4

    I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how to eat for progress in my program! There is no one-size diet that fits all, but there is a way to eat that works for most and will help you achieve results. When you are outside of camp challenges, I will explain how to eat a little differently but when you’re wi...