If you feel uninspired, let me coach you to change your negative patterns into positive ones through my weekly interactive talks.... I got you.

We'll talk about everything from how to eat for optimal results and why lifting heavy weights is important to the mind-body connection, intensity, and beyond!

Have a question you’d like me to talk about in the Huddle? Message me on Instagram @LaceyStoneFitness and use hashtag #StoneTone or let me know in the forums!

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  • Huddle | My Before & After

    I'm not the trainer who was always this strong, who always lived in this body.... Today, I want to tell you my story. My journey to getting where I am, to finally living in a body I love, a STRONG, healthy body.

    This can be you. And it will be if it isn't already.

  • Huddle | Learning to Trust Life

    We all face setbacks, pain, obstacles, and letdowns but how we react to them and believe there's something better around the corner can make all the difference in our personal, professional, and physical lives.

  • Huddle | REBOOT | Congratulations!

    I am SO proud of this REBOOT squad. You have buckled down, made the small changes that add up to big change, and have gotten SO much stronger these past 2 weeks. BRAVO to you all!

  • Huddle | Welcome to REBOOT

    Welcome to our most intensive camp, my 2-week REBOOT challenge!

    REBOOT includes:

    -6 team bootcamps (released Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays)
    -6 Body-Part + Cardio Dance video days (pick 2 videos of your choice)
    -1 rest day
    -Clean eating
    -No drinking


    Wardrobe: www.insta...

  • Huddle | Intensity

    When you're working out, lackadaisical movement will get you NOWHERE.... Start bringing intensity to your movement, workouts, and mental toughness and breakthroughs are just on the other side. Guaranteed.

  • Huddle | Hungry?

    In today's Huddle we're talking about the beast we call HUNGER.

  • Huddle | Water

    You love it or you hate it or you love to hate it...but the point stands: YOU NEED WATER!

  • Huddle | Heavy Weights

    Lifting heavier weight is the only way to change the shape of your body. I’m going to explain what heavy means and why I’m soooo passionate about getting women, specifically, to understand that. 

  • Huddle | Welcome to 1 Month Mission

    Welcome to 1 Month Mission! Here's everything you need to know....

    Your first team e-mail will be going out today, 02.04! Make sure to be on the lookout. :) If you missed it, make sure to read it here: XXXX

    Some of your teammates participated in 1 Month Mission last fall! Join them in the c...

  • Huddle | How to Eat

    I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how to eat for progress in my program! There is no one-size diet that fits all, but there is a way to eat that works for most and will help you achieve results. When you are outside of camp challenges, I will explain how to eat a little differently but when you’re wi...

  • Huddle | The Scale

    Consider your days of overusing the scale (and using it incorrectly!) OVER....

    Today I'm teaching you how to use the scale the right way, at the right time, and with the right science in mind to keep your motivation high and weight myths at bay.